The articles below are written as part of the monthly publications of Never Apart magazine. The subjects sometimes deal with Indian culture, others with various reflections on life and travel. These articles provide readers with avenues of exploration and share book, article or video references so that everyone can continue to research each topic. The photos are taken by Mariette unless mentioned otherwise.

The philosopher sculptor 02/2019

Living Space 12/2018

Temporal Sphere 10/2018

Reverence 08/2018

About the Spiritual Experience 06/2018

Yoga, Tantra and Non-Duality 04/2018

Hijras, divine hermaphrodites 02/2018

Korea 09/2017

Puja 07/2017

Magical Streets 01/2017

Inner Journey 10/2016

Mantra 07/2016


Photography and Metaphysics 01/2019

Kamakhya, Terrifying Feminity 11/2018

The space of dreams 09/2018

Desire, love and seduction 07/2018

Trika, Kaula and the Agamic Self 05/2018

Science and Spirituality 03/2018

Dev Bhoomi, the Land of the Gods 12/2017

The Endless Travel of Emotions 10/2017

Essence of Ritual 08/2017

A Letter From India 02/2017

Tantric Temples 12/2016

Akhara Pulse 11/2016

Yoga 08/2016

VARANASI 06/2016