Séminaires à Venir

Yoga is an art. An art of listening. An art of not doing : what happens when I am not waiting for anything? When will my projection stop? When will ends? This practice has no level, because listening, sensibility and the body are accessible to everyone. Come as you are. We start from here. What you are is perfect in the moment.

The pose arises from listening, It is never an imposition over your body. Yoga is not relaxation, it is extreme Presence. The way you go to the pose, the way you live the pose, the way you come back from the pose, brings you back to this unique intimacy that non-dual traditional scriptures describe and teach about.

When the body is felt the way it is and not the way one would like it to be, it becomes alive and perceptive. One starts to explore letting go of the self-image. A body experience that will naturally unfold itself in the everyday life without any effort.

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